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Women's First Annual Breakfast

There are many issues women face and some can be very crippling to our spiritual growth. God created you and me for a reason; He has a purpose for us and loves us very much. Unfortunately some issues women face seem so huge that we get in a rut and can't see past the issue, hindering our relationship with God. Some are very common issues that most women face such as appearance and how society has modeled how we should look. women issues Other issues are much deeper and have usually come from disappointments in life such as fear, abuse, and abandonment. No matter how small or big the issue is God can heal you and set you free from all your past hurts and disappointments. Our goal for the women's department is to meet the needs of all women in J.A.L. Ministries, so they will be equipped and empowered to do the Lord's will.  Our purpose is to build relationships, promote togetherness, provide a sense of community and create a spirit of sisterhood and accountability among the women of God. Clearly one of the deepest cries of the soul is the desire to belong and connect. We long for a place where we are accepted loved, respected, known and cared for. Our greatest purpose is to provide that type of environment among women in the church, so that, as we grow large, we will stay connected and maintain that sense of community. On August 7, 2010, we had our first annual women's breakfast and the Lord set the atmosphere with love, laughter and fellowship.  If you were unable to attend, we missed your presence there.  Check our events calendar for the next "coffee talk," meeting which will be held in September to discuss future events/activities.