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The mission of GBCC's Men Ministry is to develop Christian men of character and integrity by equipping them with the tools needed to be the spiritual leaders, God has called them to be, in their home, church,  job, and community.

The Goals of Men's Ministry

  • To understand God's purpose for men
  • To determine each man's spiritual and natural gifts and talents
  • To develop the "inner strength" that is characteristic of all men
  • To build healthy relationships
  • To develop leadership and character
  • To understand the role of men in society
  • To promote financial responsibility and accountability
  • To fellowship and share personal experiences with other men


A key issue seems to be a man?s inner strength and core identity. Hardship will not harm a man but living a lie will. Not standing up for what is right, not standing up for truth will harm him at his core. A man should not let himself be intimidated or pushed aside. He needs courage. He mustn?t back down. He needs to stand up. A man in a wheel chair can still have courage in this way. A poor man, an unemployed man can still have courage. I think the truest thing about a man is his inner strength. And it is what is most needed from him. A violent man is a poser. He has no strength. The outward show of force is a cover up. A loss of inner strength is at the heart of the issue. (Tom Box)

There are men who speak up.  Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Mike Rosen, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and our Founding Fathers.  They don't care what people think of them, they are strong, convinced, and men are drawn to that.  Men want to be like that.  There are men who took action. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Former N.Y. Mayor Rudy Juliani, and President Barack Obama. And you don't always have to win, just be valiant, honorable.  The Apostle Paul did not back down. He defended truth. It isn't the strength of the vision that matters. It's the strength of the man. Wild At Heart by John Eldridge says, "let people feel the weight of who you are," Don't give up your heart. (Tom Box)