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 Annointed Inspired Message  (Witnessing Project)

Our Christian witness needs to flow  from a genuine difference Jesus has made in our own lives.
Compassion to want others to experience God's love, acceptance, forgiveness and purpose too. This must be our motivation to share our faith with Christlike boldness. People can tell if you genuinely care about them. Jesus genuinely cared about about people just like we read in John 3:16. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him will not perish, but will have eternal life.  
On June 3rd, 2011, our AIM Team went downtown to Pioneer Courthouse Square to share the love of Christ with others.  We met different people such as Paul, Drew, Laura, Dustin, Tamica and many others; who were willing to allow us to say a few words of encouragement and show some love.  We wanted them to know that Jesus loves them and has not forsaken them. We talked and prayed with them.

It's important that folks around you are aware of your faith*. Be open and authentic about your ongoing involvement with God. Make it a point to share simple stories or comments of God's activity in your life. Not cliches like, "God is good", or "Praise the Lord". Those are OK but pretty general. Share about actual experiences that reflect your personal faith-walk with Jesus. For example, watch for opportunities to:
  • Talk about how God has helped you in a personal relationship. Many people deal with difficult relationships. For the Christian, God helps us be more forgiving, more merciful, kinder and less stressed out, etc.. Perhaps you have experienced His help recently. Look for opportunities to be honest about your shortcomings yet genuine to voice how He has been at work in helping you. God just might use it to draw someone who is listening, closer to Himself.
  • Has God brought correction in your life? Perhaps an apology was what God placed on your heart. Don't pretend to always "have it all together". Be authentic about God's love... even in correction. Your honesty and genuine humility will be respected and it will cause some people to be curious about your faith-walk.
  • Share how God has provided for a need. It might be a physical need or insight for a decision or direction in life. Openly practice sharing these things when you have the opportunity. Give God the credit.
  • Talk about how God gave you peace in a difficult situation. How God moved you to help someone. Talk about how God helped you resist a temptation. Be open to talk openly about God's activity in your life.
  • Be yourself! You are more persuasive and authentic when you come from your own perspective, experience and personality!


As you seek the Holy Spirit for discernment and opportunities to share the Good News, watch what others say and how they respond to you. Responses like:
  • "I wish I had that."
  • "God seems so real to you."
  • "That's cool!"
  • "How do you know it's God?"
  • Or you notice a curious look on their face that seems to say, "I'd like to know more", but they don't know quite how to ask.

  • "Has anyone ever shared with you the main message of the Bible, i.e. how to experience life to its fullest?"
  • "Can I share with you what I have discovered?"
  • "Have heard the verse John 3:16? It explains the main message of the Bible." 
  • Hello, My name is ...
  • Can I have two minutes of your time!
  • You're my appointment...